Leave a Gift in Your Will for KLS

Would you like to make a difference beyond your years to the communities of Battersea?

Leaving a gift in your Will for Katherine Low Settlement will help us deliver all of our services for children, young people, families, refugees and older people in Battersea and the wider Wandsworth communities.

Why make a will?

Making a Will is your way of communicating what you would like to happen with your property, possessions and money once you pass away. If you don’t make a Will, the law will decide who will receive what, and that may not be in line with your wishes. Therefore, by writing a Will you are putting yourself in the driver’s seat and deciding on the impact you want to have beyond your years.

Why people love KLS

For me Katherine Low is a life saver. Lovely hot dinners Wednesday and Thursday. I am collected from home by Dial-a-Ride and then taken home again after lunch. You always receive a great welcome. – Ann, lunch club member

In the beginning I was struggling with my speaking and now I’m quite comfortable with my speaking. My conversation has improved and I have made friends. – ESOL student

How to find a solicitor

To find a local will and probate solicitor, contact The Law Society on 020 7242 122, or click here for a shortcut to local Wills solicitors in the Battersea area.

Our details and how you might include them in your Will

Address: Katherine Low Settlement, 108 Battersea High Street, London, SW11 3HP

Registered charity number: 1081248 (England and Wales)

An example of wording you could use:

I leave X share(s) of my residuary estate for Katherine Low Settlement, 108 Battersea High Street, London, SW11 3HP, registered charity number 1081248 (England and Wales), absolutely for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of the treasurer or other proper officer for the time being shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors.

Leaving us a gift? Let us know!

We would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know that you have left a gift for us in your Will. We would love to write to you to thank you for your choice to donate to us, no matter what size it is. Anything you tell us will be confidential, and is not legally binding should you change your mind about your donation.

We’re here to help you

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact Aaron Barbour on 020 7223 2845 or email him at [email protected]. Or simply drop into our community centre at 108, Battersea High Street.

Some of our funders

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