Universal Credit Campaign

Take action with us to call for Wandsworth council to make sure that no one becomes homeless as a result of the change from six benefits to the single Universal Credit payment. There is a gap in payment of at least five weeks when people first move to Universal Credit which has caused rise in homelessness in other areas of the country.

We’re working with Wandsworth Food Bank, Citizens Advice Wandsworth and many other local organisations to raise awareness and ask for action now – before it’s too late.

Universal Credit was introduced phases across the borough starting in January last year. Food Bank did go up as a result, and there have been problems with the five week gap at the start (or longer), with using the on-line system for people without experience of using a computer, and with reduction in benefits as a result of the change. We want the council to:

  • Increase the amounts in the hardship funds to cover gaps in payments
  • Make sure housing officers have special allowance for people who cannot pay rent because of the change to Universal Credit
  • Have more computer access and advisors in job centres, at Citizens Advice centres and at council offices to support the move to the entirely on-line system
  • Increase support to the Wandsworth Foodbank to enable people to cope during the gap in payments.

Take Action

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