Data Retention Policy

This policy was agreed by KLS Trustees on 18th April 2018

All KLS policies are reviewed every three years (or earlier if the law changes).

This policy will be reviewed again in September 2024.


Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to detail the procedures for the retention and disposal of information to ensure that we carry this out consistently and that we fully document any actions taken. Unless otherwise specified the retention and disposal policy refers to both hard and soft copy documents.

Destruction and disposal: All documents will be shredded and placed in KLS rubbish bins for disposal.

Archive: All records deemed worthy of keeping for historical reasons will be transferred to an archive for permanent preservation.

Record Who Retention Time
Accident book Anyone at KLS 3 years from the date of the last entry
Annual Report & Accounts KLS Permanently – archive
Complaints & Compliments KLS 10 years
Contracts KLS 6 years
Financial accounting records (any financial information) KLS 6 years
DBS records Staff and volunteers 1 year
HMRC – Tax, NI returns and correspondence Staff 6 years
Job application forms and interview notes Staff and volunteers 1 year
National minimum wage records Staff 4 years
Parental leave Staff 18 years from the birth of the child
Pension records Staff 6 years
Personnel files and training records Staff and volunteers 6 years after employment ceases
Policies KLS Until superseded
Records relating to children and young adults Members Until the child/young adult reaches the age of 21
Records relating to adult members Members Permanently – archive once they’ve left KLS
Redundancy details, payment calculations etc. Staff 6 years from the date of redundancy
Risk Assessments KLS 40 Years
Senior executive records Staff and Trustees Permanently – archive
Statutory maternity pay records Staff 4 years
Statutory sick pay records Staff 6 years after employment ceases
Trade union agreements Staff 10 years after ceasing to be effective
Trust deeds and rules KLS Permanently – archive
Trustee meeting minutes and papers Trustees and KLS Permanently – archive
Wage / Salary records Staff 6 years
Working time / Time cards records Staff 3 years