Battersea Communities – next meeting on 13th April

We’ve been working with Battersea Communities, a group of local residents and community organisations working for the common good in Battersea. Here’s an update from them and an invitation to their next meeting on 13th April. 

Hello Battersea citizens,

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying some of the easing of lockdown regulations we have now begun to see.

Battersea Communities has needed a fallow time, a time to pause and reflect on all the great work we put in in 2020, and decide on our next steps. Just yesterday I had an encouraging call from a new member of this mailing list complimenting us on all the good work that we have done on the campaign for a new community centre. It is important, despite the campaign ultimately being unsuccessful, to be thankful for the journey we have taken.

But as for our future orientation, now is the moment to speak up and influence the direction Battersea Communities takes for the rest of this year.

So, please do consider joining us online for our next regular monthly meeting this coming Tuesday 13th April at 19.30. 

Zoom details are as follows:
Meeting ID: 822 6876 8370
Passcode: 140451

As part of that meeting I offer this for some inspiration and discussion. It is a link to a thought piece by a group of thinkers coordinated by Together for the Common Good – most of whom are Christians (although of a wide variety of denominations). It is an inspirational and thoughtful piece, and is preceded by two earlier pieces that you might like to delve back into, all focussed on the role of the church in society and how it can help to promote meaningful and lasting change. I hope it can spark some useful ideas for us as we reboot and reengage with civic life in Battersea once again, even for those not coming from a Christian point of view.

So, until Tuesday 13th April at 19.30 …


Aaron Kennedy

PS. Those Zoom details again:
Meeting ID: 822 6876 8370
Passcode: 140451

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