Battersea Communities reacts to Council’s decision not to include Community Hub on Surrey Lane Estate

Katherine Low Settlement is part of Battersea Communities, a group of local residents and community organisations, working together to build community and the common good. Here’s an update.

Hello Battersea citizens,

I hope this finds you all well. We took a bit of a knock recently when the Council’s Planning Committee decided to approve the Council’s plans for the redevelopment of Randall Close (part of the Surrey Lane estate), without recommending the addition of a Community Hub (see here for our business case and rationale: Community Hub report Jul20). It was really disappointing, but not very surprising.

Perhaps you will also not be surprised to know even though we have gotten knocked down, we will get up again! And we will continue to campaign for a new Community Hub.

Here’s our official press statement on the way forward.

Battersea Communities Statement

On the 23rd of September Wandsworth Planning Committee approved the construction of 106 more homes on Randall Close despite some objections. They also turned down the proposal for a small community hub to be integrated into the Randall Close project. We were aware that the Council was pursuing a difficult task to integrate the 106 homes on to Randall Close within a tight budget and were glad that our proposal was considered.

But the need for a community hub has not gone away. Our research and consultation saw a huge demand expressed by a wide range of residents. Therefore our campaign for a community hub continues into a new stage. So, can you help us move forward?

  • Tell us where you think a community hub could be located?
  • How can Battersea Communities help to you to have a stronger voice on Surrey Lane Estate?
  • How can we make Surrey Lane Estate a happier and healthier place to live?
  • Tell us what you think by emailing: Aaron Kennedy, Battersea Communities, [email protected]

Talk to us

There are two ways you can connect with us personally in the next few weeks.

1. Via Zoom, this coming Tuesday, 13th October at 7.30pm, for our monthly call.
2. Outside Villiers Court, on Saturday 24th October, 11.00am – 12.30pm. There will be something hot to drink, and a biscuit, and plenty of chat.

The Zoom details for the meeting this Tuesday13th October at 7.30pm are as follows: with Meeting ID: 890 7026 0834

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Battersea Communities

P.S. We really hope to see some of you in person outside Villiers Court on Battersea Bridge Road, Saturday 24th October, 11.00am – 12.30pm. 

Support our family

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