Big Local SW11 and Battersea Alliance – Area Profile & Community Needs Assessment published

Big Local SW11 and Battersea Alliance (of which we’re an active member) have researched, written and published an Area Profile & Community Needs Assessment of SW11 Big Local Area (mainly about Latchmere Ward, and parts of St Mary’s Park Ward).

Download a copy here: Big Local SW11 & Battersea Alliance – Community Needs Assessment – FINAL September2021

The main aim of this report is to provide a resource for the people and local communities in the BLSW11 and Battersea area. It provides a summary of the key statistics for BLSW11 and Battersea, contrasted with London Borough of Wandsworth and, where relevant, London or England.

The underlying aim here is that, as far as possible, our collective aims and local interventions/actions should be guided by evidence. With this in mind, the following are encouraged to use the data and analysis provided, not as a definitive account, but as a useful tool:

  1. Local residents and Community Groups – for people who live, work or volunteer in the BLSW11 or Battersea area; to help in the development of projects and programmes, the preparation of funding bids and to gain a voice and confidence in arguing for better services and new investment.
  2. Policy Makers – whether the LB Wandsworth, Clinical Commissioning Group, the Greater London Authority or Corporate interests whose actions impact on BLSW11 and Battersea, so that they can gain an insight into the Community Development approach advanced here and, where possible, tailor their policies and interventions to advocate and support measures that empower local communities.
  3. Funders – critically, funders are encouraged to think beyond their areas of specialism or individual concerns to develop longer-term and more strategic measures, where possible collaborating with the local community in the design and delivery of funding programmes.
  4. Other Stakeholders – there are many organisations in the Community Voluntary Sector (Churches, National NGO’s or Charities) and Private sector based near or in Battersea that work to support groups, vulnerable people or special interest groups who could make a powerful contribution towards strengthening the communities of BLSW11 and Battersea.


In the BLSW11 and Battersea area, people overall:

  • Have a strong sense of community with good ‘community assets’
  • Support a range of community organisations
  • Have good access to main services (GP, pharmacy, schools)
  • Children perform well in early years

But, when compared with the London Borough of Wandsworth, people living in the BLSW11 area are more likely to:

  • Live in overcrowded conditions
  • Live in poverty
  • Be a lone parent
  • Come from a BAME community
  • Experience isolation and loneliness
  • Experience poor mental health
  • Be unemployed and/or long-term unemployed, or have never worked
  • Have a poorer quality environment
  • As a young person, you are less likely to go on to higher education
  • Die earlier

Notable Changes

Since 2015, when BLSW11 produced its first Strategy and Plan, there have been some notable changes:

  • The population has risen from 15,358 to 17,474
  • Some of the population increase appears to be from inward migration from Europe
  • More people live in rented accommodation
  • Fewer pupils go on to higher education
  • Mental health issues have become more apparent and discussed

The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated loneliness and isolation and has had a big impact on people’s mental health; with a disproportionately negative impact on BAME communities and those with underlying health conditions, particularly in poorer areas.

Download the Report 

Download the report. Be evidence-led and use it to inform your actions. Please share it far and wide.

Big Local SW11 & Battersea Alliance – Community Needs Assessment – FINAL September2021

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