Celebrate the Summer with Love to Learn!

Every summer holidays our Love to Learn eduction team undertakes the Herculean task of organising a series of activities and trips for refugee young people and their families. Throughout the year we support families to raise educational achievement and aspirations.

The summer holidays can be a difficult time for our young people and their families. They live on low incomes, many in poverty and overcrowded housing. They don’t have the money to go on holiday or access many of the social and educational activities available that entail an admission fee. Many are missing out on childhood experiences and as a consequence languish at home for 6 weeks – some are not allowed out as they have to look after their siblings, or are on their own as parents are out working and the streets are too unsafe.

Summer 2019

As part of our work we run activities and trips during the school holidays. Our summer programme has grown over the years as we have seen an increased need for positive organised activities. This year has been a roaring success. We supported a record 424 children, young people and their families this year, across 15 different activities and trips. To be able to give these young people and their families the opportunity to try something new over the summer, to relax and enjoy themselves and to make new friends has been amazing. We’ve written a short report about what we got up to. Download it here: KLS Love to Learn Summer Newsletter 2019.

Most importantly, this is what our young people thought of their summer with us:

  • “This has been the best summer ever” Hamza, 8
  • “I have loved every minute of Brighton I wish we could come back tomorrow” Samira, mother of three children at homework club
  • “I didn’t even now their were beaches near our house, the water was so much fun” Amira, 6
  • “Thank you, we have had a brilliant, fun day, I feel so happy…going on the rollercoaster was amazing” Aisha age 14
Visit or Volunteer
If you’d like to visit our Homework Club, or even better volunteer, then do email Aaron (our Director) at [email protected] or call 020 7223 2845.
Download the Report
Download the KLS Love to Learn Summer Newsletter 2019 here.
Thank You
A BIG Thank You to everyone who made a generous donation through The Big Give to make this work possible. A big shout out to The Childhood Trust and Francis Holland School for their ongoing support.

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We are committed to building stronger communities and enabling people to challenge themselves and find ways out of isolation through our varied community projects. There are so many ways you can support our work and help us to deliver our services to even more people.

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