Free Covid-19 face masks from Katherine Low Settlement

Are you, or someone you know, struggling to find money to buy Covid-19 face masks? If so, Katherine Low Settlement and twenty of its charity partners may have a solution to your needs – free, high quality, washable and reusable cotton face masks.

Thanks to the generosity of Lavender Hill Clothing, a leading fashion garments business in south west London, 14,000 high quality cotton face masks, worth thousands of pounds, are being given away free to those in need through Katherine Low Settlement and its partners.

(Pictured above, Hadas Hagos, founder and director of Waste Not Want Not Battersea, one of the twenty charities working with Katherine Low Settlement)

Triple-layered and treated with an anti-bacterial finish the face masks are made in a choice of colours and patterns from 100 per cent, high quality cotton and have comfortable elastic ear loops. Supplied with a cotton pouch, the masks are designed for use by men, women and teenagers. Being washable and reusable, each mask will last for months.

This amazing donation has been made possible thanks to the kindness of one person, Isobel Ridley, the founder of Lavender Hill Clothing. “Early in lockdown, my company started to have face masks made to play an active part in countering the Coronavirus pandemic,” she says. “I also wanted to offer face masks to those unable to buy them. I was told about Katherine Low Settlement and soon discovered they partner with a number of local charities. Through this valuable alliance they are quickly and efficiently distributing face masks out to those in need in the community.”

The twenty charities supplied by Katherine Low Settlement are giving Lavender Hill Clothing face masks to not only the most vulnerable people in the communities they serve in the Battersea area but also to each charity’s front line aid workers who provide services to those who require help, whether that’s cooking food, delivering meals or running errands.

Lavender Hill Clothing already sells its own brand of high quality face masks on its website in packs of three and for every pack sold to a customer one is given away for nothing to Katherine Low Settlement for distribution through the twenty local charities.

“Face masks are now a legal requirement and becoming an accepted part of life, but to a number of vulnerable people in the Battersea community, buying the masks places yet another costly and unwelcome burden on their already stretched financial resources,” says Aaron Barbour, head of Katherine Low Settlement.

“What’s more, those charities assisting less well-off people in the community would otherwise have to pay for the protection themselves. Now, thanks to the generosity of Isobel Ridley and her company, they can all not only comply with health requirements at no cost, but also feel better because of the face mask’s high quality.”

The twenty charities partnering with Katherine Low Settlement and giving away free face masks from Lavender Hill Clothing are:

  1. Waste Not Want Not Battersea (
  2. CARAS (
  3. Sen Talk (
  4. WoW Mums (
  5. Be Enriched (
  6. Friends of Battersea Park (
  7. Power to Connect (
  8. Carney’s Community (
  9. Providence House (
  10. Caius House (
  11. Battersea Coronavirus Angels ([email protected])
  12. Urban Studio Sessions (
  13. Keepsake Videos/ Big Local SW11 (
  14. St Marks/Regenerate Rise (
  15. St Peter’s Church (
  16. Jehovah Jireh Church
  17. Kambala Cares (
  18. Wandsworth Community Transport/ Age UK Wandsworth (
  19. St Mungos(
  20. Fledglings Nursery (based at KLS –

For more information and some masks please contact:

Tracy Frostick

Katherine Low Settlement

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 020 7223 2845


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