Get Connected – List of local funders for Battersea and Wandsworth

We are regularly asked by local charities, community groups and social businesses where they can get help with various aspects of running their organisations: from funding to volunteers, to training and networking. Here are some suggestions of where to go for help.

Download our ‘Get Connected’ directory here

Get Connected – a Directory of Local Support – Where to get help for charities in Wandsworth 

The following list is of local funders to Battersea and Wandsworth, who offer a range of funding support to local charities and community groups. Do visit their websites to see if you fit what they’re looking to support. And do pick up the phone or email their staff to find out more.

Also, locally Wandsworth Care Alliance’s website has more information about funding – Resources for the Voluntary Sector – Wandsworth Care Alliance.  They also send a regular e-funding news out too. Write to Kira Blake at [email protected] to sign up.

And, there are lots of other fundraising directories to explore too (find out more by downloading our directory); and don’t forget to do your own ‘google’ searches to find out more.

Local Funders to Battersea and Wandsworth  

*This is not a comprehensive list and we’re sure it will go out of date fast (as all lists do!). Let us know if we should be adding/editing this list. We will endeavor to keep it up to date*


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