Job done! End of the road for Wandsworth Covid Food Providers Group

Aaron, our Director, chaired the Wandsworth Covid Food Providers Group, part of the Wandsworth Food Partnership, for 18+ months. It was made up of 40+ local charities, community and faith groups and the Council, who together, supported thousands of  local residents with food and support during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Here he discusses why the Group is no longer needed and why that’s a sign of success. 

A few members of the Wandsworth Covid Food Providers Group met recently and decided that the group has run its course. Attendance has been declining in recent months. It was set up specifically, during the first lockdown, to coordinate food support for local residents and we have achieved that aim. Thousands of local people were supported. My congratulations to you all.

As it currently stands most local people are able to access the food they need and many local community organisations have food to distribute. This group felt that we did not need to meet to coordinate things anymore. But we all recognised the importance of meeting regularly, networking and sharing information about each other’s services. There are other existing networks like the ‘Wandsworth Food Partnership’, ‘Wandsworth Council and Voluntary and Community Sector meetings’ and the ‘Wandsworth Voluntary Sector Coordination Group’ to enable this to happen.

We did leave the door open to reconvene this group should the need arise. In the meantime, best of luck with everything and thanks again.

Other useful things that came up at this last meeting:

Thanks again to you all.

Aaron Barbour


Wandsworth Covid Food Providers Group

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