KLS joins ‘Rights to Residents’ campaign

KLS has recently joined up to support the campaign ‘Rights for Residents’. A coalition of 70+ charities and social organisations, and many thousands of citizens across the UK, who are working to end the current inhumane restrictions to visiting loved ones in care homes. On 19th July 2021, all Covid restrictions were lifted for every citizen living in England. We are now free to manage our own risks as the Government insist we learn to live with the virus. Despite being the first group to be fully vaccinated, many care home residents are denied the same rights.

The Rights to Residents campaign is urging the Government to pass legislation that would give those in health and care settings a legal right to receive visitors.

About Rights for Residents

Jenny Morrison and Diane Mayhew launched Rights For Residents in September 2020. In response to the cruel and inhumane visiting policies placed on care home residents, they mobilised the families of those directly affected into actively campaigning on behalf of their loved ones, whose voices can’t be heard.  Many care homes continue to deny residents their human right to a family life. The rights of children, young adults and the elderly, in residential settings, have been severely eroded and we must continue to end this discrimination.

Throughout the pandemic, residents would tell their families they would rather die than carry on “existing” in isolation. Relatives are plagued by feelings of guilt for what their loved ones endured. They found themselves wishing their loved one would pass away, rather than continue to decline, often in a state of anxiety and distress, while they were unable to comfort them. Family members offer an essential component of care that is critical to mental health and wellbeing. Their support is not an optional extra.

What we want the Government to

We’re calling on the Government to take the following urgent action before more lives are lost through loneliness and isolation:

  • Force care homes return to pre Covid, unrestricted visiting arrangements, without the need for appointments, limits on time, frequency or the number of visitors.
  • Pass legislation (Gloria’s law) that gives all those in health and care setting the legal right, to at least one Care Supporter, that can visit them in ALL circumstances.

Get involved

To find out more and join the campaign visit: www.rightsforresidents.co.uk

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