Lockdown 3: An update from Aaron, KLS Director (16Feb21)

We wanted to share our Director’s (Aaron) regular update he’s sending out. Just to keep you in the loop!

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Aaron’s Update

I’ve been thinking about mental health recently (my own and the impact of this year for all of us). This third Lockdown is definitely more challenging than the last two. There hasn’t been an end point that the other Lockdown’s had (though we will find out more from the government on 22nd February) and life seems a bit like ‘Groundhog Day’ – work, sleep, repeat – monotonous, boring and cut off from people. And it’s tougher for our members, as the isolation, loneliness and increased hardship and poverty bites.

It was Children’s Mental Health Week at the beginning of the month (Josh wrote an excellent article for our blog here) and it got me thinking about what how I’m dealing with this lockdown. I’m sure you’ve got a routine and things that help you but here’s some of the things I do when it comes to work, that you might want to try too:

  • I love a plan (as you know) – every Monday morning I write a plan for the week ahead – it gives me structure, purpose and the focus I need to do the things that need getting done.
  • Put in a start and finish time to your day and stick to it!
  • Schedule in regular breaks including a proper lunch, a walk (late afternoon for me with the kids and Iggy, our dog) and some exercise (after work)
  • Take a break – get up from your table every hour, stretch and walk around, have a cuppa
  • Speak with colleagues regularly – pick up the phone (on your walk-?) and use zoom
  • Hold shorter meetings (20 mins or 40 mins long)
  • Leave time in between meetings for a break (5-15 mins)
  • Reflect at the end of the day – 5-10 mins thinking about how the day has gone for you – what did and didn’t work, success/challenges/frustrations, what you’ve learnt, what you would do more of and less of, and planning for the next day (you could use a journal, bullet points, work book)

I’ve found that home life does take over sometimes, and that’s normally and okay. Some days are a bit shit – that’s okay – I talk about it with someone. Some days are fantastic – that’s okay – I talk about it with someone.

I would encourage you to educate yourself about mental health and wellbeing – read, watch, listen – there’s so much on the internet (just google) about mental health and wellbeing; and try and incorporate a couple of new things into your routine. If you do need a bit of help then do use ‘CIC Wellbeing’ . They offer a variety of anonymous wellbeing services for all KLS staff, volunteers and their families. And/or talk to you line manager, colleagues or me. I’m around.

This marathon of a pandemic is coming to an end but we still have some way to go. It’s vital that we all take care of our mental health and wellbeing. so be kind to yourself. It also means we’re better able to support our members. Take care.

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