Rising to the 2.6 Challenge – Thank You!

Over the last 2 weeks pupils and families from Belleville Primary school, Falkner House and some other superheroes (a.k.a. local residents) have risen to the 2.6 Challenge: to have fun and raise some much needed funds for our work.

For example, on Monday 11 May, Class 2C (see their photo montage above and below) from Belleville Primary School did their own 2.6 challenge to raise money for KLS.

The children each chose to do 26 of their favourite things – cartwheeling, trampolining, flipping, skipping, running, baking, playing football, making Lego creations, burpees, star jumps and bouncing. They had a fabulous time completing their challenges during the day and loved sending videos to their classmates. They ended the day with a Zoom call to congratulate each other on their challenges and fundraising.

The children raised over £1,000 for the Katherine Low Settlement and are very proud they could support a charity helping children and families in their local community.

You are all superheroes – Thank you so much!

Are you up for a 2.6 Challenge?

If you’d like to take part in the 2.6 Challenge then check this page for more information

and/or contact:

Annabel Bennett who leads our Community Partnerships on 020 7223 2845 and [email protected]

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We are committed to building stronger communities and enabling people to challenge themselves and find ways out of isolation through our varied community projects. There are so many ways you can support our work and help us to deliver our services to even more people.

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