The 2023 Volunteer Survey results are out!

Celebrating the Positive Impact of Our Volunteers!

We are thrilled to share the fantastic results from our recently conducted KLS Volunteer Survey for 2023. The overwhelming positivity expressed by our volunteers towards our members, staff and projects is really encouraging. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the highlights of the survey, explore the valuable insights provided by our volunteers, and discuss the steps we’re taking to enhance the volunteer experience based on your feedback

Volunteer for us, it’s good for the heart! 


Key Findings: 

 Appreciation and Satisfaction: 

  • 93% feel appreciated as a volunteer (compared to 100% last year)
  • 100% feel satisfied when volunteering at KLS (compared to 90% last year) 

Training and Onboarding: 

  • 93% found their interview useful (compared to 74% last year)
  • 93% feel adequately trained (compared to 83% last year)
  • 93% felt they were onboarded quickly after contacting KLS (compared to 86% last year 

Perceived Impact: 

  • 100% feel their volunteer work is impactful (compared to 93% last year) 

Communication and Feedback: 

  • 97% would recommend volunteering at KLS to a friend (consistent with last year) 

We’re pleased to have exceeded last year’s results.
The resounding positivity from our volunteers is a testament to the incredible spirit of the KLS community.  

A Symphony of Positivity: Highlights from our volunteers  

  • “I appreciate being part of a great organisation and working with amazing people.” 
  • “KLS is a successful mix of structured learning opportunities for the young people who attend, and a warm and caring environment that clearly has the children’s best interests at heart. The young people are great company and willing to learn.” 
  • “Volunteering is fun, and I genuinely feel that I am making a meaningful contribution.” 
  • “Seeing the positive impact our work has on people and meeting new individuals is fulfilling for me.” 
  • “I really enjoy chatting to elders and helping out” 
  • “I enjoy sharing my experience and expertise with the students and the other volunteers.” 
  • “I love the sense of community

The responses we receive paint a vivid picture of the varied and fulfilling experiences our volunteers encounter daily, and the genuine connections formed within the KLS community. Our volunteers are not just contributors but passionate advocates for positive change, motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the community and our causes. 

Shaping the Future Together 

A heartfelt thank you to the volunteers who took the time to share their thoughts, contributing to a robust understanding of our strengths and areas for improvement. Your voices are instrumental in shaping the volunteering experience at KLS. Following our 2022 survey, we introduced various communication initiatives to improve our volunteer journeys, and are pleased that the changes we’ve made in the past year have been recognised in feedback as not just good but vital. There were fewer suggestions for improvement in the 2023 survey. Nevertheless, we remain on a path of continuous improvement, re-energising peer to peer forums to empower our volunteers to share their experiences, support and learn from one another.

Celebrating our community 

In conclusion, the 2023 Volunteer Survey results reaffirm the incredible impact our volunteers have on the KLS community. We celebrate not just the numbers but the stories, experiences, and shared passion that define our collective journey.  As we continue into our centenary year, our volunteer-led forums and celebration events will help shape KLS’s future. 

If you want to join our volunteer community, get in touch today! 

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