Help, my mentee never brings any homework to the sessions!

  • School – can the teacher advise or ensure that work is sent home on the day you meet? Ask L2L or the family to get in touch with them.
  • Find out what your mentee is interested in and get books and resources linked to this.
  • Do a project that they can show their family and their teacher.
  • Remember non-fiction can be better than fiction- e.g. First News, Horrible Histories books.
  • Make sure L2L buys you workbooks and reading books as back ups.
  • “Starter” activity books written for teachers might also be useful.
  • Find free websites that have educational games on them. Start with BBC Bitesize.
  • Check if the school pays for educational websites that the child will have a login for.
  • Use games as a reward for finishing work.
  • Work towards a trip – maybe even use this as a reward for completing work that the mentee might think is “boring”!
  • Trips – if you are doing trips, decide on a project linked to this, and look at museum websites for child-friendly exercises, plan in advance and perhaps write up afterwards in postcard, poster or leaflet form.

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