Writing – general

30th Jan 2017

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1. Before they start writing:

  • Always talk first.
  • Does your mentee know WHAT they are writing and WHO it is for?
  • Discuss the key vocabulary they need.
  • Help with ideas – use YouTube, pictures, your own examples.
  • Record ideas as bullet points or in a brainstorm:
    • – Spider grams are useful.
    • – Go for 5 main points and then brainstorm details for each point, interesting vocabulary and language features.
    • – Each point can make up one paragraph.
    • – Depending on your mentee’s level, you might scribe this, or get them to do it.

2. Writing:

  • First draft – just start, if worried in rough, and then edit it later!
  • You can provide sentence starters if this is needed.
  • Language needs: possibly identify key grammar at this point (worksheet or your own examples)
  • You may want to get your mentee to write the first paragraph with you and set the rest for homework.
  • Alternatively, write your own piece containing deliberate errors for your mentee to correct, while they are writing theirs.

3. Editing:

  • Identify mistakes (choose one or two areas to focus on which will help them to progress). Never use a red pen!
  • Use notes like p for punctuation, sp for spelling, ww – wrong word, or underline, to then get your mentee to say what they think is wrong.
  • Self-correction – after pointing out one area, e.g. full stops, ask them to find the rest themselves. Never try to correct everything in a piece of work – it is too demoralising!
  • Editing and redrafting (possibly for homework) – this is often a useful exercise as schools do not have time for it.

4. Final version:

  • PRAISE and reflect on what your mentee has learnt for next time.

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