Cheering on Ellie as she runs for KLS

20th Apr 2022

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While the rest of us are pulling off our trainers for a well-earned break, one Spring Stepper is set for more action: we are delighted that Ellie Field (pictured above) has chosen to run the Exmoor Marathon in aid of Katherine Low Settlement: our very first KLS marathon runner!  

Ellie has been running since childhood.  It is a form of relaxation which took her out into the beautiful countryside of St Andrews at university and the hills around her parents’ home where she spent lockdown. Having completed the London marathon, she has taken on one of the toughest endurance challenges in the UK, the Exmoor marathon which encompasses stiff climbs and long descents, open moorland, dizzying cliffs, rivers and a stunning stretch of coastline.

For the past year, Ellie has volunteered weekly for our Homework Club, using the experience she gained as a teacher before starting on a Master’s course. From the moment she stepped through the door she was impressed with our charity and sense of purpose at KLS. Ellie guides students one-to-one through their challenges with English homework, in a way that doesn’t happen in a busy classroom. Once homework is done, she leads the students in a range of enrichment activities including cooking and sharing foods from a variety of cultures.

In an attempt to recreate the hills and terrain of Exmoor, within the confines of SW London, Ellie is spending a lot of time in Richmond Park. Her training is accompanied by the calming tones of Barack Obama reading his audiobook. As a marathon veteran, she advises any new runners to sort out their playlist before putting foot to pavement. She also recommends focusing on the duration of the run rather than the distance covered so that you can settle into it without constantly counting down the miles.    

On 11th June 2022, Ellie will be sustained by her family and friends cheering her along on Exmoor, by the celebratory chocolate she has promised herself at the end and by the thought of the funds raised for KLS, which will be used across all our three core programmes. Ellie would particularly like to extend the resources available for young people at our Homework Clubs.

Please sponsor Ellie

If you would like to sponsor Ellie, you can do so HERE.  

Good luck Ellie!

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