Landlords we need you! Can you help Afghan families?

19th Oct 2021

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Wandsworth Council has agreed to take in as many Afghan refugees as it possibly can. But we need landlords to come forward to provide housing. If you have a property, particularly family housing, please click on this link to find out more! Generous rent is paid and the Home Office will guarantee the tenancy for 24 months.

If you would like to rent a property and help refugees to come to Wandsworth for resettlement, please contact the Council on:

Suitable homes

At the moment government criteria means the Council can only offer self-contained homes to refugees.

Properties must meet the following criteria:

  • Within the borough of Wandsworth
  • A self-contained home
  • Have at least two bedrooms (ideally three/four)
  • Fully furnished
  • Available for private letting and as a landlord you will accept rent at local housing allowance rates
  • Can be let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy for at least 24 months

These requirements are designed to ensure families have the security and space they need.

The Council (with support from the Home Office) is offering the following incentive packages:

  • 1 bedroom = £2,000 +6 weeks rent in advance
  • 2 bedroom = £2,500 + 6 weeks rent in advance
  • 3 bedroom = £3000 +6 weeks rent in advance
  • 4 bedroom = £3,500 +6 weeks rent in advance

Contact Wandsworth Council’s temporary accommodation team who administer this scheme:

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