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15th Jul 2021

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A number of local charities (mainly from the Wandsworth Covid Food Providers group that we chair) have produced a Cash First Referral leaflet. It’s been co-designed as a straightforward resource for local people in Wandsworth facing financial crisis, and anyone supporting them, to quickly see available advice and cash first support options and which agencies are best placed to help.

We’ve worked with the Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN) to develop this leaflet and to share this cash first resource as widely as possible.

The aim is to reduce the need for emergency food aid by helping people access any existing financial entitlements and advice on income maximisation as a cash first response to food insecurity.

Download the leaflet

Download the ‘Worrying about Money?’ leaflet here.

Free printed copies available 

If you would like to request free printed copies of the leaflet, or access available translated versions please do so via this form. If you have accessibility requirements or would like to find out more about different size specifications please get in touch via [email protected]


If you would like to share feedback on how you’ve used the ‘Worrying About Money?’ leaflet in your area please use this form.

We’d be really glad to hear from you.

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