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13th Jan 2022

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The Elders Team at Katherine Low Settlement has the opportunity to work with Supported Housing’s Community Development Team, to host an 8 week art programme. We will be exploring changes within the surrounding area, local history and memorable characters of the past, to develop real and fictional tales, creating a rich and unique story of our neighbourhood.

YOU are invited to join us!  No prior experience required, and you do not need to be “good at art”! We start on Wednesday 26th January 2022.

In the capable hands of Creative Artist, Sam Haynes, we will explore Battersea’s past, present and future through our eyes, experiences and imagination. We will be using familiar and exciting new art methods including collage, photography, drawing, painting and fabrics ……. fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the journey!

The social sessions will take place in the art room at KLS in the heart of Battersea.
(Lateral flow testing and in a well-ventilated space)

Come and share your personal stories of Battersea, get inventive and let’s see where the project takes us!


Kerry on [email protected] and 07960 108103

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