Writing about a text

30th Jan 2017

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For an exam/test:

  • Annotate the question and highlight key words.
  • Plan the main points.
  • Highlight some quotes.
  • Check how your mentee usually writes an answer (eg. make a point, quote, explain ‘PQE’).
  • Annotate the quotes to show what they mean.
  • THEN start writing, with PQE in the margin to remind them.
  • When they have finished, use coloured pens to go back and highlight the PQ and E.
  • Remember the point should be short, the explanation is long.

You don’t just have to do exam-style writing!

  • Find images to represent key quotes to explore what the language means.
  • Write a job application for a character.
  • Write a diary entry / Facebook / blog / tweet for a character.
  • Role play being a character and your mentee can ask you questions.
  • Design a poster for a film of the book.
  • Draw the scene in a play/ book and annotate it.
  • Story board the main sequences in a play/ text.
  • Change the ending to make it happy/ sad/ a cliff hanger.
  • Change where it is set- if story was set in a spaceship what would happen?

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