Help by decluttering & donating


Decluttering your home and getting on top of your admin can give you the time, space, energy and clarity to improve your health, happiness and overall well-being!

Some ideas to help…

Pre loved books and CD’s Download the Zeffit App on your phone and follow the easy to use steps to add the value of your donated items, at no cost to you, to Katherine Low Settlement.

Pre loved clothes: Donate by selling and buying on Thrift using our special link (

Unwanted Shares: Do you have some unwanted shares that are too small to sell? These shares can be transferred to ShareGift at no cost to you, aggregated and sold to benefit different registered charities. Find out more here.

“I have just decluttered my bookshelves via the Zeffit App – marvellous!”
Annabel Rothwell
KLS Supporter

Other ways to support us

There are loads of other ways you can support us. Get some ideas of how you can help us.

Other ways to support us

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