Keep dancing during lockdown

Hannah Bailes has taught dance at KLS for some years now. She’s a trained dancer, a tutor for the Royal Academy of Dance (this is how we met) and a dance tutor for our elders. She’s been just as busy dancing during lockdown as she was before when we could all meet in person and dance together. Here she explains what she’s been up to over the last four months.  

“During lockdown, with KLS elders classes cancelled, I have been doing everything I can to support our Chair Dancers and Dance for Life participants. The short snippets of some dance sequences on this site are examples of the weekly online ‘classes’ which we have shared. It’s been a great way to keep in touch with everybody, and to keep myself fit too!

The videos were fun to make, although technical limitations and lack of space have meant that I have had to be more creative. I hope my classes have enjoyed watching my small garden grow this spring, as the only space I could find to film on our moorings was directly outside my boat! I chose songs that were fun and would lift people’s spirits. I had limited time to film the sequences, this is why they are short, and I filmed them early in the morning before the neighbours got up and moved around. One morning the postman arrived early and joined in off camera!

It’s been a challenge to face just a camera and not to see the enthusiasm in my students’ faces looking back at me. Their feedback through emails, though, has lifted me throughout and reinforced our community spirit. Here are a few examples:

“This programme certainly was a good workout and brought back memories of your Wednesday classes, happy times!”

“Thanks for your great Charleston dance routine, I promise to have it perfected when we get back.”

“It made me feel like I was back in class.”

While I look forward to seeing everyone again in person, I’ve learned a lot (and am still learning) about how to convey the spirit and the content of our classes online, and now have a considerable archive of dances as well as a blooper reel fit for You’ve Been Framed!”

Here are some of Hannah’s videos. Do try them. They’re a lot of fun, good for you (obvs) and you’ll have a massive smile by the end.


And finally…

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