KLS Elders Battersea Zoomers & National Trust at 575 Wandsworth Road

Watch KLS Elders Battersea Zoomers using the latest technology to find friendship, at remarkable London home It’s one of the smallest houses cared for by the National Trust but it’s having a big impact on the local community

When covid lockdown isolated vulnerable older people in their homes, 575 Wandsworth Road, working with Battersea charity the Katherine Low Settlement, helped bring one group of elders together via Zoom. In this film you can meet the group, known as The Battersea Zoomers, as they explore 575 Wandsworth Road in person. The house is the work of Kenyan poet, novelist and British Civil Servant Khadambi Asalache. He spent 20 years decorating the interior of his London home with hand-carved fretwork, turning the two-bedroom terrace into a work of art. When Mr Asalache died in 2006 the house came to the National Trust and now it is used to inspire artists and communities.

You can find out more about the house and how to book a tour at www.nationaltrust.org.uk/visi… Since 2022 all elders at the Katherine Low Settlement have been invited to visit 575 Wandsworth Road and the team have been delivering tours, talks and creative workshops both on and off the property.

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