Thank You for Supporting Our Christmas Give

Thanks to every one of you who generously gave to our latest Christmas Give. Thank you, as it really does make a huge difference.

I was speaking with Riyan last week at our Homework Club. She told me a bit about her life. She’s only 10, but she’s already escaped war torn Syria, lived in a refugee camp in Jordan, travelled over to the UK via one of the Home Office schemes, and now lives in Battersea with her family. When they arrived, they couldn’t speak any English and she had already missed a lot of schooling. She and her siblings joined our Homework Club and have been thriving. She has a warm, safe space to do her homework – vital during these hard times. Initially she struggled to adjust and make friends. She was behind her peers at school. But with one-to-one learning support and encouragement from our staff and volunteers, Riyan’s confidence has grown and her grades improved.

I know that your continued support means we can help more young people, like Riyan, settle into Battersea, make new friends and get ahead in their education. Thank you again.

Finally, may I wish you a very happy Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Aaron Barbour
KLS Director

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