Battersea Alliance – Annual Report 2021/22

The Battersea Alliance, of whom we are part, has written a short report about their work over the last year 2021/22.

Download a copy here: Battersea Alliance – Annual Report 2021-22


Since our last report we have seen the election of a new Council, the reorganisation of the Health Authority and perhaps the biggest cost of living crisis on record! Through the Covid-19 pandemic, our sector was already under severe pressure with funding being redirected to meet crisis needs. As the pandemic abates we are seeing enormous strains and stresses caused by poverty particularly fuel poverty, inflation, pay constraints and general economic uncertainty – all directly impacting on the sector, particularly on volunteering, which has showed a marked decline.

Background about the Battersea Alliance

The Battersea Alliance has been formed by the Big Local SW11 (which is an independent, resident-led group that has been awarded £1m to invest in projects that improve opportunities for local people and strengthen our community) to help deliver its own strategy for the local community.

The Alliance is a partnership with the Big Local SW11, working together with five local long-standing, trusted and passionate organisations, with deep community roots and social relations that span many generations, working together to build a stronger Battersea.

To fulfil its objectives and strategy the Battersea Alliance works in partnership with local community delivery partners. Visit:

Highlights over the last year

This last year was about reconnecting and recovering after the pandemic and various government lockdowns. We reviewed and adjusted our strategy and plan to support more local residents out of the Covid crisis and now the Cost of Living crisis.

Highlights over the last year include:

  • Supported thousands of Battersea residents and community organisations recover from the pandemic.
  • Developed ‘Battersea Youth Voice’: a youth-driven community development programme for Battersea.
  • Developed ‘Battersea Volunteers’: a volunteer development programme for Battersea.
  • Developed ‘Youth Battersea’ partnership: providing a coordinated and multi-organisational support package to some of the most challenging young people in Battersea – activities, services and programmes during term-time and holidays; as well as supported each other particularly regarding safeguarding concerns.
  • Supported 12 pilot ‘CBF’ projects with BLSW11 addressing isolation, loneliness and mental health challenges in Battersea, supporting over 500 local people – see CBF’s annual report for more detail.
  • Held successful in-person events to reconnect over 700+ local people and organisations after the pandemic e.g. ‘Battersea Together’, ‘Your Vote Counts’, ‘Battersea Jubilee Festival’ and various Volunteer Fairs and events.

Download the report

Battersea Alliance – Annual Report 2021-22

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We are committed to building stronger communities and enabling people to challenge themselves and find ways out of isolation through our varied community projects. There are so many ways you can support our work and help us to deliver our services to even more people.

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