Battersea Coronavirus Angels – Update (18Jun20)

Canon Simon Butler, Vicar of St Mary’s Battersea (and a trustee of KLS), is writing a weekly e-news to the Coronavirus Angels volunteers. As we’re a partner in this venture we thought we should reproduce it here as it’s full of interesting and relevant stuff! 

Dear fellow Angels,

Another week goes by, lockdown continues to be eased, and (thankfully) London continues to see a decline in the number of hospital admissions and deaths. This is all very encouraging. But we know that there are people in need, families who are hungry and people who are isolated or frightened still of going out. The Angels are here to help. A kind lady donated a “Good Bag” and Thank You card to us. This is for everyone who helped – even if there aren’t enough sweets to go round! We will, we promise, have a celebration – gathering when we can safely gather – as a way of marking everyone’s contribution.

We have a new core team of leaders now – some of the coordinators of recent weeks have stepped into leadership roles to replace some of the people who have had to return to other responsibilities. The three institutions who began the Angels – KLS, Sacred Heart and St Mary’s – are still at the core, but the work being done is shared by a good-hearted core of volunteers who have found an outlet for their desire to serve their neighbours through our work. We thank them all.

Government Food Parcels: These parcels are now coming to an end, so we are keen to be able to help people who are still lacking in confidence about going to the shops. IF you hear of anyone who might be in that category – or if you’re still in touch with someone you have been helping who might be in this situation – please let us know.

Plumbing: We have had a request for some help with their plumbing. They are on very low income and has a bathroom in need of repair. If you can help – or know someone who can – please email us at [email protected]

Phones: Thank you to the two people who donated phones for people with a need for them.

Lockdown History Project: If there are writers out there, we are trying to create a history of people’s experiences during lockdown (these articles go to KLS) so we are looking for anyone to interview volunteers, people we have helped and also other charities. Just email us.

Filming: We are doing a film shoot of people we have helped- which we will publish out next on out social media twitter @AngelsBattersea and our Facebook Page.

Champions for Children (23-30 June): KLS is running a summer fundraising campaign from 23rd June for a week, with support from the Childhood Trust and Frances Holland School. Please consider donating here: (from 23rd June) 

Best wishes,

Simon Butler

Canon Simon Butler
Vicar of St Mary’s Battersea
07941 552407


If you need a bit of help from the Angels then do call us on 07394 856 557 and email [email protected]

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