Battersea Coronavirus Angels update

Canon Simon Butler, Vicar of St Mary’s Battersea (and a trustee of KLS), has just written an update to the Coronavirus Angels volunteers. As we’re a partner in this group we thought we would share it here. 

Dear Coronavirus Angels friends,

Although the Angels is very much ‘on furlough’ now, I wanted to drop you an email about two things, one which is time critical.

First, we’ve had an approach from the NHS in Wandsworth to see if we can find any volunteers to help this weekend in vaccine promotion, in areas locally where the take up is not as good as it needs to be. Please see the following and get in touch with the NHS directly (See email address below) if you can help:

NHS staff in Wandsworth are doing all they can to promote uptake of the vaccine to ensure that as many people as possible receive protection from the COVID 19 virus.  There are several routes to receiving the vaccination, including the two mass vaccination sites in Wandsworth at Battersea Arts Centre and the QMH in Roehampton.  However, we are constantly looking for other opportunities to offer people the vaccine. 

On Saturday 10th July we will be running a special vaccination clinic from the Junction Health Centre at the Arches, Clapham Junction.  We are looking for volunteers to be around the site on the day to publicise the availability of the clinic by handing out flyers and directing interested members of the public in the vicinity of Clapham Junction station towards the vaccination centre.  Volunteers will be provided with tabards to identify them as official members of the vaccination team.  They will also be provided with written material – principally the flyers but also a script and some FAQs to share with members of the public who have some queries about the vaccine for those volunteers who feel confident to do that, although some may just prefer to hand the flyers out.  The clinic will run all day from 0830 until 1800 but there is no expectation that anyone would cover the whole period – any contribution would be welcome depending upon availability. 

Anyone who would like to help should email [email protected] in the first instance to register their interest.

Secondly, we will be hosting our long-awaited Thank You Party to all our volunteers and encourage you to Save the Date: Friday 3rd September in the evening. More details soon!

Best wishes,

Canon Simon Butler

Coronavirus Angels Battersea

07941 552407

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