Calling for a Surrey Lane Community Centre

Over the last year we’ve been working with Battersea Communities (a group of local residents and community organisations working for the common good in Battersea) to secure a community centre on the Surrey Lane estate, as part of the redevelopment building plans for Randall Close.
Aaron Kennedy from Battersea Communities explains more…

A. Download the business case / rationale 

Are you wondering if we’ve really given much thought to how we propose the new community is managed and run?

Check out our rationale document here, which goes into plenty of detail to show that:

  1. There is a lack of provision locally and a real need for a community space on the estate.
  2. A new community centre could be run in a financially sustainable way.

Download our business case and the rationale for the Randall Close Community Hub.

B. Leave a comment on the Planning Portal

Click here to visit the Council’s planning portal page for the Randall Close development on the Surrey Lane estate and add your comment.

C. Email the planning officer using this template letter

Send an email to the Council to let them know how you feel! (The email address you need is: [email protected]) Below this email is the draft wording for an email you can send to the Council. Just copy and paste the wording into your email platform; then add in all your personal details, and most importantly your personal reasons for wanting a new community centre.

If you do decide to email the Council, or add a comment on their planning portal, we would love to hear from you, and with your permission put your personal comments (anonymous if you prefer) online as part of our social media sharing campaign. Contact Aaron Kennedy on 07815180273 if you would like to do that.


Your building name ___________________________

Your road name ___________________________

Your postcode ___________________________ 

Wandsworth Council Planning Service: [email protected] 

For the attention of Thomas Wilson, case officer 

RE: 2 Randall Close (Day Centre) and car park to the south and car park and play area/playground south of 1 Randall Close Surrey Lane Estate SW11 3TG

Planning case: 2020/0635

Dear Mr Wilson,

I write in connection with the above planning application. I have considered the plans and I know the site well. I wish to object strongly to the proposed design for the development of this site, because it does not include plans for a new community centre. Battersea Communities, a group of concerned local citizens, has conducted a survey of the residents of Surrey Lane Estate, and written a report on their findings, which can be found here: The headline findings are:

  • 98% (n.136) of people would like a new community centre on the Surrey Lane Estate
  • 72% (n.100) do not think there are sufficient safe, indoor, public spaces on the Estate
  • 73% (n.102) do not think there are enough opportunities for the youth of the Estate

In the light of the recent murders on the Estate, it is clear that the community desperately needs investment, to prevent further decline. Without the inclusion of a new community centre in this design, the development of Randall Close will only further exacerbate the pressure on local services, the prevalence of anti-social behaviour, and the worsening of mental health, especially among single parent families. My personal reasons for asking for a community centre are …


I understand that members of St Mary’s Church, and the management of Carney’s Community, Cauis House, Katherine Low Settlement and Providence House youth clubs share these concerns, and support this objection. 

Yours faithfully,



D. Join the Battersea Communities WhatsApp group

Click this link to send us a message using Whatsapp:

To join our WhatsApp list you’ll need to add this phone number to your contacts: 07815180273

E. Contact

To find out more and/or to get involved please contact:

Aaron Kennedy

[email protected]

07815 180 273

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