Chief Executive of The Childhood Trust endorses KLS’ monthly giving campaign

Since joining the not for profit sector in 2009, Laurence Guinness’ campaigning achievements have substantially raised the profile of childhood hunger and food insecurity in the UK through working collaboratively with the national media and corporate donors to put this sensitive issue in the spotlight, providing tens of thousands of meals for children impacted by poverty.

Laurence wanted to say a few words to endorse Katherine Low Settlement as we commence our campaign to get support by way of monthly donations. KLS provides vital services for children, young people, families, older people and refugees in Battersea and surrounding areas in the Borough of Wandsworth.

‘The work of The Childhood Trust is to bring people together through our matched fundraising campaigns to create something bigger than each of us could achieve on our own. Thus, in 2016 it was a joy to discover the incredible support being provided for children at The Katherine Low Settlement. It was the start of a journey that has led to a flourishing of support and new connections for KLS. By bringing people together and incentivising them to donate by matching donations we have created a bridge that connects the children of KLS to a world of unlimited opportunity. It’s a virtual village and one that for the sake of those children who depend on all of us, I hope we all choose to belong to.

The old African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” resonates with all of us. When we think about the importance of others in enculturing and educating our children we realise how interdependent we really are on each other, strangers and friends alike. This has never been more true in a globalised world where the food we consume and the products we rely on are sourced from every corner of the planet. As much as globalisation matters, local matters more to us personally. Creating community and wanting to feel part of something greater than ourselves is an instinctive human need.’
– Laurence Guinness, Chief Executive of The Childhood Trust

You can make history by clicking here to become one of our first ever monthly donors. We consider anyone who becomes a donor to be a KLS Friend, and no matter your contribution you will have the option of coming along to our community centre, meeting the team and enjoying a tour of our 250-year-old building.

You can find out more about The Childhood Trust by visiting their website

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