Ka ilaali naftaada iyo qoyskaaga tallaalka qaddarka / Protect yourself and your family with the Covid vaccine (new film by KLS)

Whilst teaching our online ESOL classes, conversation would often naturally turn to the subject of the pandemic. As time progressed and the vaccines were rolled out, whether to vaccinate or not became a hot topic of conversation. Obviously students were anxious- they had relevant questions: vaccine

  • How has it been developed so quickly?
  • Is it safe?
  • What are the side effects?

It soon became clear that many students were coming to the debate, having gained partial answers to these questions from a variety of sources, and were left with more questions and confusion.

Some of the information they got was anecdotal- someone had heard from someone, who’d talked to someone else…. Many had received bitesize misinformation from WhatsApp and Facebook, and although some had made the connection that their ‘algorithm’ was feeding them only one side of the story, were finding it difficult to find other views.

As a priority Community Organisation, Katherine Low Settlement was offered the opportunity for its staff and volunteers to get the vaccine early in spring 2021 and the two students who you see in the video are also part of our crèche team. Whilst they were happy to take up this opportunity, they were aware that many of their friends, neighbours and the wider community were still finding it hard to make that decision. They were only too happy to make this film with KLS to show everyone that not only are they fighting fit after having had the Covid-19 vaccine, they are also relieved to be on the road to seeing the back of this pandemic.

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