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This week we’re taking part in the Christmas Challenge again, with support from our match-funding partners, the Childhood Trust and Francis Holland School. We’re raising money for our Love to Learn programme  which works to improve local refugee children’s education and helps them cope with the challenges of life during this challenging pandemic. You can make a donation here.

Double your donation to our Love to Learn education programme today 

Our Love to Learn team has worked with 200+ children and their families over the last few months. To illustrate this let’s focus on one family, the Sheikhows, and look at how they’ve got through lockdown with support from KLS. Watch their film here:

Making a difference

Amina and her children have been coming to KLS for more than six years. She attends our ESOL (English) classes to improve her English “so I can help my kids”; as well as maths classes as she adores times tables. She’s now better able to help her children with their homework! Amina’s kids attend our Homework Clubs, and the youngest, Fadwa, attended our creche before recently graduating to “big school” (primary school that is).

“Lockdown was quite hard when we started because I have a small home and I don’t know how to help my children how to learn at home.” Lockdown was clearly a challenge, but Amina has been so cheerful about it. “The Love to Learn team gave us some laptops and we all started zooming and learning in online classrooms. Before that the (6) children had to share one laptop between them. Corona club was really fun on Zoom for the kids and they helped us with lots of things- advice, homework and clubs, and we are all happy.”

Amina’s really valued the support she’s got from KLS. She’s loved the ESOL Zoom classes. “My ESOL (English) teacher Fran showed me how to get onto zoom and use it for my Entry 3 English classes. I learned my English and maths class every week and I see all my friends and teacher in class every week. I took some assessments in online classes and passed my Entry 3 reading exam. I am really proud of myself.”

When lockdown eased over the summer the whole family enjoyed our Summer Programme, run by our Love to Learn team, including football (the kids love their football), arts & crafts, cooking, music, local outings and wellbeing sessions.

Please make a donation today

Amina has asked that you, “support the Love to Learn team and KLS, because they support the community, working very hard with parents and children. This would help even more families like mine. New families who come to the country and come to KLS, they find support with housing and schools and homework clubs. It really helps.”

Please make a donation now. You only have until Tuesday 8th December to do so: DONATE HERE (remember to add Gift Aid).

Thank you for giving the gift of a brighter future to children in Wandsworth this Christmas.

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