‘Me’ Time – Meeting up on Friday’s with KLS’ Somali Women’s Group

Our Somali Women’s Support Group has continued to meet throughout the lockdown, as everyone involved felt that it was particular important to carry on and support one another through this extraordinary time. Here Faaduma, our Women’s Group Coordinator, reflects upon the sessions. 

“After a few technical difficulties, we were able to call on Zoom. I had 10 ladies who joined the call. We agreed to join at 9:30pm on Fridays as most of the ladies have young children, so they preferred to meet later on in the day. We decided to do some activities such as book club, cooking sessions and sharing the food they’ve made and self care. They also do activities together with their children such as arts and crafts and again cooking sessions. I’m also doing one-to-one phone calls to those who are unable to join the sessions.

In our session on 10th April, I had a Somali speaking facilitator who kindly volunteered to do a session with them about the lockdown and the mental health issues that come with it. We had 14 ladies who joined us. I was very pleased because they were able to express their views and feelings. They were also able to share ideas in how to cope with the pandemic. Some of us are still continuing to do the book club that we had running before the lockdown.

During Ramadan we’ve continued and the ladies have being sharing recipes for the Iftar, as well as activities for themselves and their families.

I’ve noticed that by having the sessions it helps them talk about their weekly challenges. They call it their ‘me’ time. One of the mothers said “thank you guys, you’ve changed my life.” Another  mother said “I look forward to meeting up on Fridays.”

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