Please ‘Double Your Donation’ today

Please help us raise £20,000 for our Summer Holiday Programme – DOUBLE YOUR DONATION from 8th to 15th June. 

Our Summer Give: Champions for Children is now OPEN and you can ‘Double your Donation’. We’re taking part in the Summer Give again. It’s called ‘Champions for Children’ and we’re being supported by The Childhood Trust and The Topinambour Trust.

Our aim is to raise enough money to give the young people we work with a Summer of Fun, after what has been an extremely difficult year. In doing so we will improve their education and help them cope with the challenges they’re facing during this pandemic.

Here are some examples about the difference your support can make 

Hanan and her three children heard about our Love to Learn summer programme from a friend, who’s daughter was a member of our weekly Homework Club. As a single mother on a low income, she had little money and time to keep her children occupied throughout the school holidays. An issue exacerbated by Covid-19. Options were limited, and after a long period at home, it was extremely important for the children to get out and active.

“The kids loved it, thank you for what you did over the summer. We will be coming to more activities next year. See you soon.”

Her three children were referred to our Love to Learn team and attended activities 4 days a week throughout August. They cooked, played sports and games, and turned their hand to arts and crafts. The children grew in confidence throughout the summer and made a number of new friends. Working closely with the children enabled us to build a relationship with the family. When the mother lost her job due to Covid-19, she felt confident enough to contact us and ask for help. We have since supported her with food bank referrals and provided the children with laptops so that they could study at home during the second and third lockdown. They have now become members of our regular Homework Clubs so we can continue to offer them support.

Hades and Amira are two sisters who recently came to the UK. They joined our cooking workshops in the summer and had a great time meeting new people and learning to make some new dishes. They took great pride in making garlic bread from scratch and also learning some kitchen based English vocabulary. “We were scared to come because we didn’t know anyone, but we loved it and made new friends, I felt happy at the end of the day”

Donna is a local resident who made a donation to last year’s Summer Holiday “Thank you so much for sharing these [photos of summer activities 2020]. It may sound overstated but it’s sincere when I say it made my day to see them. It is uplifting to see people – and especially children and young people – finding a new way forward and making the best of the these strange times. Well done (and that doesn’t say enough) to all those who have and are making this happen.  I do hope they all find some relief from the heat tomorrow!”

*Note: Names have been changed to protect anonymity.

Please make a donation today

Help us make 2021 the Summer of Fun for our young people! Double your donation here from 8-15th June. So, if you donate £25 to KLS, then through a generous match-funding scheme, your donation jumps to £50! Don’t forget to add Gift Aid please!

Thank you, in advance, for making this a Summer of Fun for so many refugee children!!! 

Please share with friends, family and everyone you can think of and help us to reach our target!

Many thanks for your support.

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We are committed to building stronger communities and enabling people to challenge themselves and find ways out of isolation through our varied community projects. There are so many ways you can support our work and help us to deliver our services to even more people.

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