Together let’s walk 6 million steps for KLS! 

Last year our supporters helped us walk an incredible 5 million steps in our first ever virtual event. This year can you help us walk 6 million steps for KLS in just one week? Here’s a reminder of what happened at last year’s Spring Steps 2021.

Join us from 11th March on our virtual fundraiser or come along to one of the arranged walks. We’re finishing on 18th March and meeting at 12 noon for a post-walk stretching session in Fred Wells Gardens (it’s just up the road from us). Spring Steps is a fantastic opportunity to bring our community together for a common goal (walk!). 

Sign up HERE 

We launch at noon on 11th March and the final count up of steps will be at noon on 18th March 2022 

Help us walk 6 million steps in a week and earn much needed funds for KLS, helping us to support thousands of children, young people and their families, women, older people and refugee communities. Log your steps from anywhere in the world and join in the community effort to support KLS. 

On 18th March join us at 12 noon in Fred Wells Gardens for a post-walk stretching session with Hannah, one of our exercise tutors. We’ll have refreshments, announce our total step count and have prizes for the most active teams and individuals.

How does it work? 

Walk as many steps as you can manage. Even just a few will make a huge difference. You don’t need a fancy pedometer. Just estimate your steps based on how long you walk for. 

  • The average person walks around 100 steps in a minute. 
  • To walk 5,000 steps, which is about 2.5 miles, will take you about 45 minutes.  
  • To walk 10,000 steps, which is about 5 miles, will take you about an hour and a half. 
  • 1 million steps is equal to 500 miles. So, 6 million steps will be 3,000 miles! 

Who can take part?

Everyone can take part, from anywhere in the world, so get your trainers on and walk for KLS.

Walk on your own, with the dog, with a friend, with the kids, with your family, with your neighbours, with your class mates, with your colleagues, with your… (add your idea here). Please spread the word! And take those Spring Steps.

How do I collect sponsorship? 

To join the event please sign up HERE to find out how.  You can enter as an individual or as a  team and invite others to join you, maybe your office or school would like to set their own team step goal, walk in fancy dress or carrying an egg on a spoon! 

It would be amazing if you could ask friends and family to sponsor your efforts but just join in with the walk if you would prefer not to be sponsored this time – we’ll still count you steps towards our total.   

Tell us how you are doing! 

Useful Links and Information 

Here’s some useful information about KLS which you may like to share with your supporters: 

  • Katherine Low Settlement has been serving Battersea and the wider Wandsworth community since 1924.  They are dedicated to building stronger communities and enable people to challenge and find ways out of poverty and isolation.  KLS run a range of their own community projects to support thousands of children, young people and their families, women, older people and refugee communities.  Visit their website to find out more  
  • Find out how KLS has been supporting the community throughout lockdown and how it is looking forward to a brighter future in this short film HERE 
  • Call us for a chat 020 7223 2845 or email [email protected] 

Thank You! 

A massive thank you from everyone at KLS. We need your support to enable us to continue to support vulnerable people in Battersea. We really can’t do this without you. 

Sign up here by visiting our Spring Steps Event Page.

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We are committed to building stronger communities and enabling people to challenge themselves and find ways out of isolation through our varied community projects. There are so many ways you can support our work and help us to deliver our services to even more people.

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