What to do with your kids in the lockdown – free resources

Keep your kids educated and entertained during the Coronavirus lock-down by clicking here for top quality videos and podcasts available free from KLS

Like some free and popular videos and podcasts your family won’t want to miss?

Katherine Low Settlement’s much respected Love to Learn education team is making a generous offer – videos and podcasts designed to keep youngsters educated, entertained and exercised during the home lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The team has curated some quality content which includes material produced by the BBC, well-known names like Dr Seuss and other prominent authors and producers. See the list below.

“Although schools are shut for now due to Coronavirus, these links to high quality videos and podcasts mean young minds confined indoors can still have fun through online games and exercise, plus hours of really good education,” says Aaron Barbour, head of KLS.

“What we are offering will add to the combined effect of many other educational schemes launched on the web to counter the dramatic changes imposed by the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic. The total result will help offset the severe disruptions to children’s normal education in this unforgettable year. We’ve gone for quality and not quantity and will update the list regularly,” he says.

Nadine Ballantyne is Homework Clubs and Activities Manager at Katherine Low Settlement and plays a key role in the homework side of the various activities offered by KLS’s popular Love to Learn programme.

Josh, Nadine and Abdul

She says: “The poster we have produced is being shared with all the families we are working with as well as other local youth organisations. I am trying to keep the whole offer simple with fun activities as I think a lot of families are feeling overwhelmed as we face the third week of the Covid lockdown. 

“What’s more, by phone, Skype, Zoom and other ways we are also keeping in touch with all the families that have children at our well subscribed Love to Learn clubs. In the next couple of weeks, my colleagues, Josh and Abdul, will be working with our volunteers to help support young people online with Love to Learn education. I am also trying to set up small support groups on the web with our most vulnerable young people.”

Nadine says KLS is collaborating on the Battersea Youth website with other local youth organisations like Caius House, Carney’s Community and Providence House. “Soon, KLS will have its own page on this helpful site. The Battersea Youth website has been set up to support local young people during this difficult time.” See: www.youth-battersea.co.uk

KLS’s Love to Learn tram is planning to add some more exciting links every two weeks or so and is also making a longer list of all the online resources Nadine’s team has collected. Please keep checking the KLS website for updates.

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Remember, all these valuable items are free to access and only a click away!

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