House of Love community mural opens to the public

‘House of Love’ is a large 360-degree new community mural by London-based artist Adalberto Lonardi, wrapping the entrance hall of our Settlement in Battersea. The artwork, created to celebrate our 100th anniversary was funded by Wandsworth Council and tells the story of a multicultural community moving harmoniously through time from 1924 to today.

The mural was created in collaboration with KLS members and the local community. Ideas, words, and drawings were gathered from intergenerational workshops and then incorporated into the design of the entrance hall’s walls. 50 volunteers from the local community took part in the 147 hours of production, using 40 colours and 24 litres of paint on the 105 square metres of wall.

The paintings in the room showcase the history of KLS over the years in Battersea. The right wall features people dynamically ascending the stairs with a modern London skyline in the background. On the left wall, a vibrant ribbon runs through the space and displays symbols representing KLS, as well as scenes of people on a red bus and behind lavender bushes during the industrial era. Lastly, the north wall exhibits a calm landscape of Battersea from the 18th century.

Adalberto Lonardi said… “I called it ‘House of Love’ because this is what KLS represents to me, those that work here and the children, families and elders that the charity impacts every day.”

Sarah Gibb, Chief Executive says…” The mural is such a beautiful way to celebrate the place of sanctuary and friendship that KLS provides in the heart of Battersea.”

Aaron Barbour, Former Chief Executive of KLS says… “It has been a successful collaborative and colourful project that’s brought people from across the community together. Come and see it.”

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