Mrs L. living in the minute

Mrs. L, aged 77, lives with son. She found lockdown hard. She was scared to go out in case she caught Covid. Unsurprisingly her mobility had worsened. When she did once try to go out, she panicked as someone walked towards her and fell. She lacked confidence and felt she had to wait for her next hospital appointments before trying anything. Mrs L. needed lots of prompts and encouragement to attend.

After speaking with Kerry (our Elder’s team Age Well worker) and lots of one-to-one support (including telephone befriending) she agreed about the importance of living in the moment and not putting her life on hold. Kerry helped her to set small targets, such as going into the garden, taking a few steps. Now her confidence has increased, she is gardening again and even took part in KLS’ Spring Steps challenge.

Along with her son, Mrs L. was taught how to use Zoom. And it has been transformative. Mrs L. attends all the zoom sessions regularly. She’s Zooming family members abroad. She told us, “The calls and Zoom are my lifeline. This has changed my life! Thank you for telling me to live in the minute while I’m in it! And stop waiting for hospital appointments. I’m no longer waiting and stressed. I’m living! I’ve been sunbathing, gardening and I am no longer depressed! My son says he has a new mum!”

Note: Names have been changed to ensure anonymity. Photos are illustrative.


About Katherine Low Settlement

Katherine Low Settlement is a much-loved, busy charity that has been at the heart of the community in Battersea, south-west London, since 1924.

With a few staff and a lot of volunteers, Katherine Low Settlement runs a range of its own popular community projects including educational courses and wellbeing activities. The charity supports children, young people and their families, older people, refugees and newly arrived communities of all genders, nationalities and religions.

The Katherine Low Settlement building in Battersea High Street, opened in 1924, is used for community activities and events, usually – until the arrival of Covid-19 – by over 500 people a week. Its rooms are available for hire at affordable rates.

Katherine Low Settlement is grateful for the funding received from supporters, trusts and foundations to enable the charity to continue to reduce poverty and isolation and bring Battersea together.


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