ESOL Courses

ESOL means English for Speakers of Other Languages.  Here at KLS we run English courses for people whose first language is not English.  If you are interested, please get in touch.  We will invite you for an initial assessment and interview to check your level.

We also run Maths, IT and Introduction to Early years courses for ESOL students.

All courses are free and we have 120 students, 5 teachers, 19 volunteer teaching assistants and our Early years students volunteer in the crèche.

Course Information

Our ESOL courses are levels from pre-entry to Level 2.  Courses run from September to July, excluding school holidays.  After an initial assessment to check your level, you will come to class twice a week for a total of four hours.  We expect regular attendance.  Most students achieve a recognised ESOL or English qualification at the end of the year.

Our Maths and childcare courses are once a week.

All our courses are supported by a crèche for babies from 4 months old and children up to 5 years old.

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For more information about being an ESOL student or voulnteer, please fill in our contact details form.

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