Get Online Week 2023

The Tech-Up project celebrated the national Get Online Week campaign with two events this year.  Learners in the Tech-Together group were invited to take part in 5 digital challenges with a mental well-being theme.  This followed on from some recent work done exploring resources available on the NHS website and the recommended 5 steps to mental well-being.

  1. Connecting with others: the task was to use a drawing app to write a message and share it with friends.
  2. Learning new skills: members completed a picture-matching game using the site WordWall.
  3. Be Active: members followed a seated exercise session on YouTube.
  4. Take Notice: members listened to a guided meditation on the NHS Every Mind Matters website.
  5. Give to others: members sent a free e-card to wish someone well.

To give people time to manage the challenges this event ran over two weeks with everyone gaining certificates for taking part. Alongside our brilliant resident Digital Champion volunteers, we had extra help from staff from AS Watson, supporters of KLS.

Our second event involved more partnership work with a visit from Sami from Power to Connect, a local digital inclusion charity for Wandsworth.  Sami talked about the library sessions held locally and how to donate unwanted tech plus the Restart project that holds community repair events where people can bring along their own tech to mend. He added some really useful information and advice around scams awareness which led to some great discussion and sharing of experiences amongst the elder members.

Both events were well received by members, volunteers and staff alike:
“I really enjoyed listening to the meditation on the NHS site.  I didn’t know they had so many different things on there”.
“I managed to get the WordWall game on my tablet at home and played one of the matching games.  Thanks a lot for showing me this”.
“This was such a fun session and I learnt something new”.

Useful resources:

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