Early Words Together – partnership with the National Literacy Trust

The National Literacy Trust has joined up with our ESOL Team to start an ‘Early Words Together’ project.

Kirsty Cunnington, an Early Years programme manager, has met on Zoom with some of our Somali mothers and their toddlers to give them ideas about how to help their children learn language skills while having fun together.

Adar, our lovely crèche worker, has been helping out with Somali translation and she’s getting very good!

As soon as we can meet face-to-face again, we will be running sessions at KLS, but until then we’ll have to do with meeting online.

Kirsty will also be training some of our crèche workers to run more sessions in the future. So we’ll be getting in touch with other mums from the Battersea area soon.

This is the book Kirsty has just sent out to the mums to enjoy with their children.

Early Words Together a national programme now in Battersea

Up to 50% of children in disadvantaged areas start school without the language skills they need to progress.

The National Literacy Trust train early years staff and volunteers to work with parents and children aged three to five, building parents’ confidence so that they can support their children’s communication, language and literacy skills at home.

We’re delighted to be working with them at last – we had a few delays because of the Covid lockdowns, but now we’re off.

Want to join us?

Anyone can learn how to help their children to get the skills they need for a successful future.

Contact Fran Juckes on 020 7223 2845 and [email protected]

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