Parenting in the Lockdown

We’re being as creative as we can at the moment in adapting our services. This means we can truly support our members, in the ways they need us most, during this Coronavirus crisis.

Elaine Sheppard, who heads up our Casework and Family Support team, within our Love to Learn education department, shares what happened when we got together some local refugee parents online last week. 

“Twenty of our Love to Learn parents joined us last Thursday evening (16th April) for our first online parent workshop called ‘Parenting in the Lockdown’. We normally hold these group sessions face-to-face but because of the lockdown we can’t. So we’re trying new approaches.

We gathered on Zoom and Caroline Hanson (a local resident, mum and family coach from loveparentlove) led the discussion exploring connection, reassurance, routines and family teamwork.

Great questions were asked, for example, about children getting upset and not co-operating, children getting into fights with each other, and children with additional needs. Parents were appreciated for the important work they do. Some useful planning tools were shared and parents were encourage to use an overall family rule of “Be Kind”.

The whole session was interpreted into Somali. We are so impressed parents made the technology work for them and made the time to join us. As always they were appreciative of the session. This is a difficult time for all families, but more so when you are living in cramped circumstances and money is tighter than usual. We truly values all parents and carers for the extra work and creativity they are putting in at the moment.

More parent workshops are planned, so watch this space.”


Our Love to Learn education team can be reached on 020 7585 0339  

Education casework: [email protected]
Homework club: [email protected]
Learning mentors: [email protected]

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