Battersea Communities – it’s time to pause and reflect

Rev. Aaron Kennedy from Battersea Communities, of which we’re a member, has sent out this update. 

Hello Battersea citizens,

I hope this finds you all well and managing life in Lockdown OK.

As I said in my last email, many of us are weary of lockdown life, and even wearier of all the bad COVID-related news, and longing for the spring to come, and for the vaccine rollout to complete. The Battersea Coronavirus Angels project has continued to operate, and is finding that many people need the help that we can provide.

If you are interested in working with the Battersea Coronavirus Angels on simply errands such as grocery or prescription collection, please fill out the registration form here.

Battersea Communities is all about relationships, and as we all know, our relationships have taken a hit during the pandemic, and likewise many of our community endeavours. It is undoubtable that our work on the campaign for the new community centre has also been badly effected. We lost that stage of our campaign back in September, when the Council’s own planning committee approved their plans for Randall Close – without the inclusion of a community space.

As disappointing as that was, I am so proud of the work that we all put in, and special thanks go to Aaron Barbour, the director of Katherine Low Settlement, for his work on the business case document, and also to Father David O’Malley, who spear-headed much of our social media campaign; and many, many other good folk, who helped in innumerable ways.

But we haven’t given up! We aim to continue our campaign in the spring, taking a different tack entirely, but hopefully with the same fantastic benefits to the Battersea and Surrey Lane community. So watch this space.

However, it is clear that now is not the moment to relaunch the campaign. We have taken the decision to step back for a few months and have a break. This will enable us to reflect on the work we put in during 2020, and come back in the spring with renewed energy and ideas.

Therefore our next meeting will take place on the 13th April, 2021. If possible – depending on the vaccine roll-out and government regulations, we will meet in person; if not, we will continue to meet on Zoom.

Thank you for your support during this difficult year. Let’s hope and pray for a better year in 2020, both in Battersea and around the world.


Aaron Kennedy

Battersea Communities

[email protected]

07815 180 273





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