One Year On: Battersea Alliance report 2020-21

We’re part of the Battersea Alliance, who have compiled a short report about what they’ve been up to over the last year 2020/21.

Download a copy here: 

Battersea Alliance – Annual Report 2020-21

Background about the Battersea Alliance

The Battersea Alliance has been formed by the Big Local SW11 (which is an independent, resident led group that has been awarded £1m to invest in projects that improve opportunities for local people and strengthen our community) to help delivery its own strategy for the local community.

The Alliance is a partnership with the Big Local SW11, working together with five local long-standing, trusted and passionate organisations, with deep community roots and social relations that span many generations, working together to build a stronger Battersea.

To fulfil its objectives and strategy the Battersea Alliance works in partnership with local community delivery partners. Visit:

Battersea Alliance’s work during the pandemic

Since the Alliance’s first strategy was produced in 2019, we have been confronted by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has had a disastrous impact on the lives of our communities, leaving in its wake devastating job losses and financial hardship, increases in isolation and the exacerbation of mental health concerns for a significant number of local people.

We reviewed and adjusted our strategy and plan to support more local residents through the crisis. We met weekly on zoom through the first lockdown.

Highlights over the last year include:

Download a copy

Download a copy of the Alliance’s Annual Report here:

Battersea Alliance – Annual Report 2020-21

Thank you for your support

For more information about the Battersea Alliance and to get involved please contact:

Aaron Barbour                  Katherine Low Settlement           [email protected]

David Stone                       Big Local SW11                                [email protected]

Support our family

We are committed to building stronger communities and enabling people to challenge themselves and find ways out of isolation through our varied community projects. There are so many ways you can support our work and help us to deliver our services to even more people.

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